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You can buy tickets here!

Online ticket purchase is possible only 24 hours before the visit, or earlier.
The visit is only possible at the visiting date and time indicated on the ticket!
Please show your printed ticket for validation at the cash desk.


Dear Visitor,

You can reserve your visiting time and buy your ticket in advance at the cash desk 1 day before your planned visit.

Thank you for visiting us!

A tortuous cave system is hiding under the streets and houses of Tapolca, a little town not far from Balaton. In the strictly protected cave, which was discovered more than 100 years ago, the visitors can make a unique boat trip on the lit, bluish water of the underground lake. Thetemperature is about 18 °C in the cave all year round. Thanks to the new lighting system, the Lake Cave awaits visitors from March 2012 with more beautiful lights and view than ever.

About the Visitorcenter

The diverse tourist attractions of the national park were enriched in 2014 by a new establishment, funded by the EU. Before the boat trip in the Lake Cave, visit the unique exhibition on the wonderful world of karst regions.

The mysterious world of caves is interpreted by special attractions in 10 rooms. Children can crawl in the adventure cavern while the sensory abilities of adults are challenged by the „feel the rocks” game. Palaeogeographic paintings introduce the wildlife of past epochs.

We ourselves can go on an underground expedition by watching 3D photos and the film. Karst water, the exotic artist of nature creates magnificent shapes out of limestone.

From the tower karst of South China, through the empire of dripstones we arrive to the caves of Tapolca, the crystal world of fragile beauty. Lava tube caves and ice caves, tropical palaeokarst and many other attractions await you.

  • Dripstone Room
  • Cave Divers’ Room
  • Bat Room
  • Geopark Room
  • Prehistoric Room
  • Palaeokarst Room
  • 3D Movie Room
  • Boating
  • Playground
  • Climbing Wal


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